Baseball 2019 favourites and odds

The MLB season has just begun and it could once again be a season that will not be forgotten so quickly. After the thrilling 2017 World Series, where the Houston Astros won their first ever title and the even more dramatic World Series in 2016, when the Chicago Cubs finally beat their curse, it’s unlikely that only one team will pass through this year. So right at the top of the betting odds, there are two teams in a row: the defending champions from Houston and the New York Yankees. The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cleveland Indians, who both reinforced their squads at points in the Off Season, are just a touch behind.The biggest focus, however, is once again on the Yankees, who were able to sign the best home run hitter of the preseason with Giancarlo Stanton, and who together with Aaron Judge have by far the most powerful duo on the mark. If you manage to integrate these two perfectly and put them in the right places then it will be very difficult to beat them in a Best of 7 series.

But other teams have strengthened, or at least greatly changed compared to the preseason. The Toronto Blue Jays have cleaned up their roster and have to live without Jose Bautista for the first time in ages, but at the start of the season it worked quite well. However, whether they have a chance in the extremely strong American League East long term, we dare to doubt. Because next to the Yankees are there even the highly estimable Boston Red Sox, which concerns just the pitching, again fireworks should burn off in this season. We should also look to the Washington Nationals this season, as they should march through the National League East relatively unchallenged and thus can also plan in time for the playoffs.

From the German point of view, the Minnesota Twins are also interesting, who were able to accomplish the feat last year and were the first team in MLB history after a season with 100+ defeats in the playoffs. Although they have a hard nut to crack in the American League Central with the Cleveland Indians, the Wild Card Spots could once again bring them into the post season. Max Kepler plays a decisive role in this and should be able to further increase his 19 home runs from the preseason. However, he just has to eradicate his weakness against left-handed pitchers, who had cost him one or the other start last year. If you are interested in watching the MLB and Max Kepler live, you’re in luck, because DAZN shows a relatively large number of games live and at least one of them per week even with a German commentary. Since the measures of the MLB to shorten the games also took hold in the previous year, you have to plan now not four, but at most three to three and a half hours for it. In the conditions that this season offers, however, this should definitely be worthwhile -Especially since live bets in the MLB are a great way to take very good odds. For example, if the underdog takes the lead early on, you can often assume that favorites such as the Yankees or the Dodgers can still turn the game over with their batting power. We definitely wish you a lot of fun during this exciting season.